IMG_2437The Group_frontstage

The Group - A one night exhibition

In 2016 The Holls Collective spent two weeks as the artist-in-residence at Locatie Z. During this time the collective worked on a video project based ...

The Residence

The Holls present a brand new video work @ Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam during BYOB -> For this event, many artists, designers and other creative...


For the occasion of the farewell of Johan van Oord as the Head of the Fine Arts Department at the Royal Academy of Art The Hague, The Holls Collective...
Confetti on my mind _ Picture by Margarita Maximova

Got my mind on confetti and confetti on my mind.

During Art Brussels The Holls Collective presented its ongoing performance Got my mind on confetti and confetti on my mind, an adaption of their earli...
B as U

B(usiness) as U(sual)

In collaboration with Showroom MAMA, The Holls Collective outsourced a performance script to an outsourcing company in India. The script contained ins...
Picture bij Walter Berkhoff

Excuses voor het ongemak

Excuses voor het ongemak (“We apologise for any inconvenience”) was a one-week-long exhibition in the smallest gallery of Rotterdam, which is hard...

Party Hats /Hoedjes / Chapeaux / Hütchen / Sombreros x 1000

On January 13th, 2014, The Holls Collective celebrated its first birthday. For the occasion of this one-year anniversary The Holls took one week to fo...
The Pioneer Piece - pictures by Matthias Konig

The Pioneer Piece

The Holls Collective annexed the Hortus Botanicus, where the collective subsequently built a settlement. By way of projections, transmigration and boa...
The Performance

The Performance

Time, Body, Viewer was an exhibition and series of live performances and explored a wide range of contemporary performance-art practices. Performance ...
Eén voor allen/Allen voor één _ Picture by Joel Nieminen

Avantgarde en de Achterban #3

Eén voor allen/Allen voor één Eén voor allen/Allen voor één was the third edition of Avantgarde en de Achterban and the last exhibition of th...

Avantgarde en de Achterban #2

Confetti/Controle For the second edition of Avant-Garde en de Achterban the Holls created a true cross-pollination with 150 kilos of confetti. Conf...
The Holls Jungle

Avantgarde en de Achterban #1

Frontstage/Backstage Frontstage/Backstage was the first edition of a tripartite series of exhibitions or events titled Avantgarde en de Achterban (...
Picture taken by Luuk Smits and Florian Braakman.

Relax Baby Be Cool

During the 'Haarlemse Lente' and for the occasion of the launch of 'The Holls Collective' The Holls Collective presented: 'RELAX BABY BE COOL' ...





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the making of the residence

the making of the residence

the making of the residence

the making of the residence