The Performance

Time, Body, Viewer was an exhibition and series of live performances and explored a wide range of contemporary performance-art practices. Performance art is often regarded in terms of documentation and presentation. To review these notions Time, Body, Viewer focused on documentation and presentation of performance by looking at the (often problematic) relation between video and performance.

During the exhibition of Time, Body, Viewer, The Holls explored what documentation can mean for a performance. What do people think performance-art is? Would it be possible to start with documentation, and work back to the performance itself?

During the opening of the exhibition, the collective presented a guestbook and a sound recording. The guestbook contained written contributions by random persons. All writers were given an instruction: “Imagine you have seen a performance by The Holls Collective. Please write down your experiences”. The sound recording was made by a sound technician, and was actually constructed with sounds from a sound library. The technician had received the instruction “imagine you have seen a performance by The Holls Collective. Please make a sound-recording of that performance”.

During the exhibition The Holls Collective asked art critics Esther Didden (Jegens & Tevens) and Jeroen Bosch (Trendbeheer) to write a review about the (non-existing) performance.

Eventually The Holls Collective worked towards a final performance, a vernissage at the finissage. Based on the sound recording and the fictional experiences by both audience and art critics, The Holls made a performance that contained only non-visual information as it was performed in a pitch-black exhibition space.

Part of Time/Body/Viewer, group exhibition.
Curated by Zoe Reddy

Kadmium kunstencentrum, Delft
Sint Agathaplein 4

02.11.2013 - 30.11.2013

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The Performance

The Performance

The Performance