The Group - A one night exhibition

In 2016 The Holls Collective spent two weeks as the artist-in-residence at Locatie Z. During this time the collective worked on a video project based on their private WhatsApp group. The goal was to make this virtual group (two years of daily conversations) into a movie.

The WhatsApp-group is a medium that The Holls use to share non-work-related information. Ever since members of the Holls Collective moved further apart, the chatgroup, being a shared space, has gained importance. In Locatie Z they tried to adapt this virtual space for an analogue screen, with narratives and protaganists that are as fragmented as they are in the WhatsApp group.

The project has, in an earlier stage, been presented during the exhibition Bring Your Own Beamer in Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. For the current presentation at Locatie Z the eight members of The Holls Collective have edited the material into eight films, resulting in The Group (2016).


Here you can find a review from Jegens & Tevens.

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Binckhorstlaan 215, 2516 BB, The Hague


17:00 - 22:00

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