B(usiness) as U(sual)

In collaboration with Showroom MAMA, The Holls Collective outsourced a performance script to an outsourcing company in India. The script contained instructions for the making of a group photo. A group of eight people from a theatre group in India was asked to decide on a group identity and take a photo considering the characteristics belonging to this identity. They were asked to document the whole process, the making of the photo as well as their discussion about identity. This script (and movie) were then produced by Swatantra Films, Pune India. Showroom MAMA was the initiator and producer of the exhibited works in Outsourcing Performance.

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To promote our exhibition we made a performance for the event De Derde Dinsdag at Roodkapje in Rotterdam. Anna Visser interviewed us about 'Outsourcing Performance' and we used our script to answer her questions, turning the event into a work.

With contributions by:
Beyoncé Artists Collective (NL), Red Bandana Country Dancers (NL), The Holls Collective (NL), Leonie Kuipers (NL), Jaleel Roy-Lindsey (SR), Marcin Kaminski (PL)

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Showroom MAMA, outsourcing Performance Exhibition
Showroom MAMA
Witte de Withstraat 29-31

19.12.2014 - 08.02.2015

Picture bij Walter Berkhoff

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B as U


B as U

B as U



Pia and Dora gave a lecture at the Master Artistic Research about this project.