Avantgarde en de Achterban #1


Frontstage/Backstage was the first edition of a tripartite series of exhibitions or events titled Avantgarde en de Achterban (“Avantgarde and the Grass Roots”). This edition revolved around the contradicting terms of Frontstage/Backstage. During the evening The Holls explored the performative nature of their work in several installations and settings. How do you position yourself as an individual in a collective? Do you step on the frontstage or do you prefer a place behind the scenes?

video The Interview of Dóra Benyó

video registration performance 'Saskia Burggraaf'


Avant-Garde en de Achterban was produced in collaboration with Liza Swaving and Marjolein van de Ven.

Avant-garde en de Achterban (“Avant-garde and the Grass Roots”) was a tripartite series of exhibitions. A combination of get-togethers where the audience got involved with the choices of The Holls Collective, choices which every starting art collective has to make. Every edition of Avant-Garde en de Achterban revolved around contradictions within the collective. The questions the Holls encountered in their search for identity, recognition and development were not only relevant for the collective’s members, but recognisable for everyone, whether a lone wolf or a companion animal. The exhibitions consisted of the assembly of objects, after-images of performative happenings in the art space of 37PK.
In advance of and during Avant-Garde en de Achterban the Holls initiated a collective visual blog or sketchbook at www.thehollscollective.tumblr.com.
37PK, Platform voor Kunsten
Groot Heiligland 37, Haarlem


Picture taken by Luuk Smits and Florian Braakman.

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