The Pioneer Piece

The Holls Collective annexed the Hortus Botanicus, where the collective subsequently built a settlement. By way of projections, transmigration and boat transport The Holls gained ground on the Hortus, which resulted in a continuous performance during this edition of museumnacht Leiden.

Photography by Matthias König

more information:
museumnacht Leiden
Hortus Leiden
Rapenburg 73
2311 GJ Leiden


18:00 - 22:00

Party Hats /Hoedjes / Chapeaux / Hütchen / Sombreros x 1000

On January 13th, 2014, The Holls Collective celebrated its first birthday. For the occasion of this one-year anniversary The Holls took one week to fo...
Eén voor allen/Allen voor één _ Picture by Joel Nieminen

Avantgarde en de Achterban #3

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The Pioneer Piece _ meeting.

The Pioneer Piece _ Lotte preparing white object.

The Pioneer Piece _ The Holls bitch!

The Pioneer Piece _ thank you for visiting

The Pioneer Piece _ brainstorm!

The Pioneer Piece _ brainstorm

The Pioneer Piece _ meeting at Hortis Botanicus for museumnacht